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6 November 2019
Augmented Reality and Comac Kegging Machines - A Debut at 2019 Brau Beviale
realtà aumentata_1 The 2019 edition of Brau Beviale, scheduled in Nuremberg from November 12th to 14th marks another stage over Comac path in applying the Industry 4.0. At the CFT Group stand, Hall 7, Booth 341, a new technology that will be installed on board the K1 and K2 kegging machines. continue
20 August 2019
"The Street Performer", a sculpture by Salvatore Perchinelli, is on exhibit at Comac
Opera in Comac Attention to the surrounding world and to all art forms that represent it have always been part of Comac DNA continue

樽洗浄機(外側) 標準仕様


各セクションには洗浄溶液用の貯蔵容器が装備されていて、容器には洗浄のレベルセンサーと温度センサー、脱水ポンプ、そして必要なフィルターが取り付けられています。脱水ポンプで貯蔵容器から洗浄溶液を汲み出し、スプレー容器に注入します。一連のノズルが洗浄溶液を噴射し 、機械を通る樽の表面に吹き付けます。