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21 May 2019
Ashley Hazell, Head of Brewing at Colonial Brewing comments on his new COMAC 2T Keg Washer/Filler
Ashley Hazell e Matthew Macfarlane Colonial Brewing opened their first East Coast brewery in Port Melbourne in 2015. Head brewer, Ashley Hazell shares his experience with installing and operating the COMAC 2T Keg machine which was purchased last year from COMAC’s local agent HBM Packaging Technologies and installed by Ashley and his team in August 2018. continue
17 January 2019
News at the Procurement, Spare Parts Service & Customer Care Department in Comac: Interview to Andrea Morali, Manager of the Unit
Andrea Morali Our blog opens the year 2019 with fresh news - As of Nov, 05 Andrea Morali joined the Comac team as the unit manager of the Procurement, Spare Parts Service and Customer Care Department. continue

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